Write a winter morning paragraph by answering the following questions for class 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

 01 Question: Write a winter morning paragraph by answering the following questions.

  • How is a winter morning? 
  • How do animals feel? 
  • How do people feel in a winter morning? 
  • When do people get up?
  •  What do children and people do in a winter morning What kinds of food do people eat?

A winter morning paragraph for class 10

Answer: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Among them, winter is the coldest one. Generally, winter morning is dull and gloomy. There remains dense fog all, around. Sometimes, the fog is so dense that the sunrays cannot get through it.

Everything looks hazy. As a result, the communication system is disrupted. And it causes much hardship to the people. Sometimes, cold waves blow over the country. The sun has risen, and the old and the children enjoy basking in the sun to get rid of the cold.

The dew drops fall on the grass and the leaves sparkle like pearls in the rays of the morning sun. This scene makes the earth look attractive. The date juice seller becomes busy for selling date juice from door to door. People from all walks of life, especially the villagers, enjoy eating native cakes, which are called ‘Pithas’ in Bangla. The scene of a winter morning is very transitory. This scene starts disappearing as the day advances.

02 Question: Write an 'A Winter Morning paragraph’ In your paragraph answer the following questions.

  • Which is the season of cold? 
  • What is the situation on a winter morning? 
  • How does nature look on a winter morning?
  •  What do many people do? 
  • What does an early-riser wear?
Answer: Winter is the season of cold. A winter morning in our country is foggy. It is cold outside. Grass and dense fog are everywhere. Everything looks hazy. Things at distance can hardly be seen. Nature looks very dull. The sun rises late. Many people also get up late from sleep. They want to remain in bed even when the sun rises.

The early risers put on the warm wrappers to keep off the cold. The children gather straw and make a fire to warm themselves. The poor and old people bask in the sun. A foggy winter morning is disliked by all. A cup of hot tea is very enjoyable and refreshing on a winter morning.

03 Question: A winter morning / a foggy winter morning

Answer: A winter morning is cold and dismal and is covered with mist. Everything seems hazy. One can hardly see and identify things at a distance. The grasses below are wet with dew and sparkle like pearls in the sunbeams.

People in warm clothes to keep themselves warm look strange. The old people shiver in cold. People gather straw and make fires at different places to bask in the heat. Then the sun peeps over the eastern horizon and starts rising.

Nature takes on a charming aspect. The touch of the sun's rays makes the birds and beasts quite happy. Farmers go to the fields and being their day’s work. With the advancing sun, people shirk off the feeling of cold and set about their usual course of work. Then the scene of mist and fog disappears and the sunny morning paves the way for man, daily duties.

04 Question: Write a paragraph on ‘ a winter morning’

Answer: There are six seasons in our country. Winter is one of them. A winter morning is misty and cold. It is pleasant for the rich but curses to the poor. There is dense fog everywhere. Sometimes the fog is so dense that the sun's rays cannot get through it. Everything looks hazy. Things at distance can hardly be seen. The sun seems to rise late.

Children and old people are afraid of the biting cold of the morning. They get up from bed a bit later to evade the cold of the early morning. Dewdrops fall at night.

When the morning sun peeps, they look like glittering gold of grasses and plants. The bird and beasts feel happy and plow. They also take hookah in their hands. Children gather straw and make fires to warm themselves. The old people bask in the sun. Some people come out to sell ‘date juice’. People usually eat homemade cakes with date juice.

The scene of the winter morning gradually vanishes as the day advances. The sun goes up, the fog melts away and people go to their respective duties.

05 Question: Paragraph on A Winter Morning

A winter morning is a morning of bleak, cold, and foggy. It is a regular phenomenon of our nature. It typically appears to be dull and melancholy. There is a thick mist all over. So everything looks murky. Grasses are wet with dew drops and when the sun rises, dew drops shimmer like pearls. The things a good ways off can barely be seen.

The sun rises late. The individuals get up from rest late in the morning. By and large a virus wind blows at that point. Individuals and youngsters fear this gnawing cold.

 They frequently lounge in the fire with straw that social occasion by elderly folks individuals and kids. The destitute individuals shudder in cold since they have no comfortable material. Creatures, as well, are powerless. They conceal themselves toward the edge of the house and attempt to spare themselves from the gnawing cold outside.

 There appears not to be hustle in development of every even flying creature and brute move rather lazily. The residents go out for walks. The ranchers go their fields with their cows and furrows. 

In winter mornings individuals like to appreciate sweet cakes, date juice, chira , muri, Khai, and so on. A winter morning is over when the sun goes up and the mist softens away. Indeed, such a morning practices an enduring impact on the psyche of the individuals.

05 Question: Essay on A Winter Morning

A winter morning is cloudy and cold. There is thick mist all over. In some cases, the haze is thick to the point that the sunbeams can't traverse it. Everything looks cloudy. 

Things at separation can barely be seen. The sun appears to rise late. Kids and elderly folks individuals experience the ill effects of the squeezing cold of the morning. Dewdrops fall around evening time.

 At the point when the morning sun peeps, they look like sparkling pearls on grasses and plants. Ranchers go to the fields with their dairy animals and furrows. Kids and elderly folks individuals accumulate straw and make flames to warm themselves. The elderly individuals luxuriate in the sun.

At that point, individuals like to eat chia, muri, Khai, and different sorts of pitches. Furthermore, date juice is classy in the winter morning. Delightful sweetmeats are likewise arranged with date juice. Working individuals escape the entryways when the mist vanishes and when the sun is blistering.

 Individuals typically eat custom made cakes with 'date squeeze' and sitting outside their homes appreciate the glow of the early sun. For the most part, winter morning is agreeable for rich individuals. They frequently hold themselves under the blanket. 

They appreciate tasty nourishments and beverages. The needy individuals, then again, experience the ill effects of cold for need of comfortable garments. At times, the thick mist hampers the development of vehicles and mishaps happen. In any case, morning hazes don't keep going for so long.

 They vanish as the sun peeps up. At that point the ordinary exercises of individuals start. With the propelling sun, individuals evade off the sentiment of cold and set about their typical work. They go to their individual obligations.

The best time to visit Bangladesh is in the winter when the climate is dry and new. However, voyagers showing up in Bangladesh have been growing in numbers step by step. They are visiting places like Cox's Bazar, Teknaf, Sundarbans, Kuakata, Paharpur, and Tetulia. The state of flying creatures and creature's homeless person's depiction. 

They cover up toward the side of the house and attempt to spare themselves from the gnawing cold outside. They feel glad to see the beams of the sun. Dewdrops make the nature beguiling when the beams of the morning sun fall on them the kids and the 'individuals of the town make a fire to warm them. Along these lines, winter morning is charming for somebody's and horrendous for the others. A winter morning has its own assortment and excellence. Be that as it may, the area of the winter morning evaporates as the day propels.

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